21 Day Challenge for a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey beauties,

So, I have been reading recently (from Pinterest cuz that’s where I get most of my important life info haha) that it takes twenty-one days to form a habit. I have not posted many photos of myself lately, on my blog, because I just am not proud of my appearance as of late. It’s not that I have a problem being the size that I am. I think a huge part of it is just that medically I am overweight and that is really hard for me to deal with.

I am the type of person who always does the whole “tomorrow I will start” thing. Tomorrow I will start exercising, tomorrow I will start being healthier, tomorrow I will start waking up earlier, tomorrow I will start using my time wisely etc. etc. etc.

It’s not time to start tomorrow…IT’S TIME TO START TODAY! Today I am starting the 21 day challenge. 21 days to a healthier lifestyle, a healthier me and a healthier outlook on life. I have five different aspects on my life that I am hoping to change that I will be focusing on for the next 21 days and hopefully on July 28th, they will stick!

The six things I am trying to form into habits are…

1. Excercise daily.

At least one hour a day for five days a week and on the other two days I can go for 30 minutes. My boyfriend set up an excercise plan for me that I will be starting today. It’s a little intimidating but I am excited!

2. Eat healthier.

I am planning on eating 5 times a day with three healthy meals and two snacks a day. I am taking sugar, soda, coffee and anything fried out of my diet completely for the next 21 days and after this whole being healthier thing becomes a habit then I can introduce them back in if I decide it’s something I can handle.

3. Read Naturally Thin by Bethany Frankel.

My sister gave me the book Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting by Bethany Frankel years ago but I have never actually read it. I think I always avoided it because it made me feel guilty about the changes that I wasn’t making and the unhealthy choices I was making. That is all changing now though! I want to not only read the book but inplement Bethany’s lifestyle changes.

4. Use DoTERRA oils.

DoTERRA has many amazing oils that do things like help speed up metabolism, help curb your appetite, help with anxiety (I am a stress eater) and so much more! I plan to use Balance, Slim and Sassy, Life Long Vitality Supplements, Lemon, Grapefruit and Wild Orange in my quest for weight loss, muscle-building and a healthier lifestyle.

5. Never say “I can’t”.

I have so much self-doubt when it comes to being healthier and losing weight because I have done it before and it only took about two years before I started gaining it all back and I gained it back quickly. I stopped exercising and I started eating unhealthily, it all went downhill from there.

Farewell Tori 005

 (My junior year of high school. I hit a high of 175 and swore to myself I would never let that happen again. I really struggled with my health and my self image)


(Sophomore year of college. I had gotten down to 125 and felt happy, confident, strong and good about myself. This is the point I was at when I mustered up the confidence to start blogging)


(Senior year of college. Back up to 175, the weight I never wanted to be at again. Sluggish, unhealthy and not happy about my appearance or my physical abilities)

I CAN lose the weight again, I CAN become healthier, I CAN excercise daily and become physically fit, I CAN control my bad eating habits, I CAN…I CAN…I CAN…I CAN…No more of this “I can’t” stuff because you know what? I CAN!!!!! :)

Thank you all for all of your love and support <3

Hugs and Kisses xoxo


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23 thoughts on “21 Day Challenge for a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Oh Tori, it’s as I’ve written it myself! I’m always saying that I’ll start tomorrow and I never do. I’ve been saying that I’ll start doing exercises to get rid of my arm flab for the last two weeks, I never did. Or that I won’t be eating sugar. I never did that either. I support you 100% and hope you find the journey easy, meanwhile I will start my arm exercises and I hope I can keep up with you.
    Good luck! :D xx

  2. Omg I completely agree with the whole “I’ll start tomorrow” thing!! Haha! I need to get back into my exercise & healthier eating, so we can motivate each other! I want to post on my fitness instagram as I think that will motivate me :)

  3. Tori, you can do it! I’m such a procrastinator too. But I started exercising almost two weeks ago, and already I look forward to my workouts. It’s also caused me to want to eat better too, even though I still TOTALLY struggle with that. The important thing is to do it to better yourself, not to look a certain way–feeling healthier lasts longer than being satisfied with how you look in a mirror. I just posted about workout motivation if you feel like you need more tools to keep going!

    Also, it’s good to know I have an Internet friend going through this transition to habit as well :) You’re not alone!!

    • That’s so great to hear! When I was working out regularly I was that way also but since it’s been so long since I have worked very hard, it is challenging to get back into. Thanks so much for believing in me <3 I agree completely. I just get dissapointed in my physical abilites because you are only young once and I feel like I am wasting this time in my life by not being physically fit and able to do things that other people my age do, you know? I will definitely check out your post :) Yes, we will make this trasition together!!!

      • I understand completely! We are young and being active helps you stay young. I want to be around a long time, so even though it’s hard I have to take care of myself. We should keep each other updated on our progress! I can send over some awesome YouTube videos I’ve been working out to as well :)

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