College Beauty Spotlight: Kelsey

Kelsey is a sophomore in my sorority and has seriously been such a blessing in my life!!! She is a strong Christian who is always there for me and supportive of my faith but not only that she is also an inspirational feminist. Kelsey’s emphasis is also in Women and Gender studies, so it is always encouraging to talk to her about feminist perspectives.


She is honestly 100% beautiful inside and out <3

1. What is your everyday makeup routine?

“I start off with my Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream with sunscreen in Medium and I apply it evenly on my face with my hands.”

“Then I use the Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick in the shade Warm Sand on red areas and blend it into my skin.”

“I stop applying makeup to my face and move on to my Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay and I wear different shades depending on the outfit I am wearing or the specific occasion. I use a lot of the shade Bootycall because I really like lighter shades on my. I apply Bootycall all over my lid, then apply another color in the crease with my Mary Kay eye crease brush. Then I use a Sephora all over shadow small brush to highlight the corners of my eyes then I use a fluffy shader brush to blend the shades together.”

“Depending on what color of shadow I apply, I will choose which Sephora pencil eyeliner I will apply. I apply it from the corner to the end of my lashes on my top lash line in a thin line and then half of my bottom lash line.”

“I then go back to my face using the Bare Minerals Powder Foundation in the shade fairly/light with my powder brush and I will apply the powder evenly around my face.”

“Next, I apply blush, Sephora’s Guava Glow, to my cheekbones in a sweeping motion.”

“I use the Mary Kay Brow Definer pencil in blonde to pencil in my eyebrows and it really defines my face.”

“I curl my eyelashes with my Revlon Lash Curler and then apply the Benefit They’re Real Mascara to my top and bottom lashes.”

“Depending on the color of my shadow and what I am wearing I will chose a lipstick or a lip stain from Clinique to apply last.”


2. If you had money designated only for makeup what would you spend it on?

“A really cool eyeshadow palette, maybe from a more expensive makeup brand but definitely an eyeshadow palette.”

3. What is your favorite beauty brand?

“That’s hard…ummmm there are different brands for different parts of my face. I think the Sephora collection is great and they have a lot of stuff. It’s not super ‘high quality’ but I thinks it’s pretty cool. I did a lot of shopping at Clinique with my mom growing up though.”

4. What do you love about makeup?

“I love that it’s an art form. That it takes skill to match colors and make everything look good and when it does look good, I feel really beautiful. For different occasions I am really able to step up my look and it’s really fun to do.”

5. Do you wear makeup everyday?

“NO! I don’t think it’s necessary. In high school and my freshman year of college I wore makeup everyday but I have taken a lot of Women’s Studies courses and really feel like I have found myself. I don’t feel like I have to impress anyone. I think I am beautiful natural.” (She is <3)


6. Do you have any beauty tips or tricks?

“Oooooo…I really like using concealer to cover up redness because it makes the whole face look more polished. I definitely think you should have a moisturizer with SPF, that is really important. I also really like Eminence Organic Skin Care and use their Citrus Exfoliating Wash a couple times a week. Also, make sure you still look like yourself and still look natural even after makeup application.”

7. How long have you been wearing makeup?

“Since 6th grade, so almost nine years and it has completely changed over the years. My mom has been the biggest influence on how I do makeup and I learned from my mom how to do everything. She would take me to Clinique and have them do my makeup and I learned so much from that.”

8. Colorful or neutral makeup?

“Depends, neutral for an average day look but colorful for special events. It totally depends on what I am doing, whether I go more natural or more colorful with my makeup.”

9. Why do you wear makeup?

“I think it’s different and spices things up, it is fun and artsy and it’s cool that you can create a new look for yourself and I think it can definitely enhance the way that you look.”

10. When I think beauty I think “beauty on the inside and how you project it on the outside!”


Is anything in Kelsey’s routine similar to your own?

Hugs and Kisses xoxo


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