IMATS LA Haul of my Goodies

It’s finally here guys!!! The post you have all been waiting for! Dundanadunnnnn! My IMATS LA haul from the International Makeup Artist Trade Show that I attending on January 18th. IMATS was amazing and I already blogged about the experience, so I thought I would share what I bought at extremely discounted prices while there!


These were the items I bought for my kit. Everything was on sale and I only had to pay tax on one of the items out of the whole haul, which was definitely a plus! haha


I was so proud of myself for only spending $22.50 on myself the whole time! The rest of the items I bought were for the beginning of my kit to use while doing other people’s makeup.


I bought this pleather shiny black brush belt from Crown Brushes for $15 to hold all my brushes when I am working on clients. This belt will be nice because it will hold my brushes on my waist in a way that they are easy to access and close to my body.


Next, I stopped by Temptu to buy an airbrush. They did not have the gun that I wanted though so I ordered it online (another post on that coming soon). I did want to buy some of the accessories though because they were on sale so I bought the blush and highlighter set for $38, the cleaning kit for $12, SB makeup primer for $4 and the large cleaning solution for $6.


Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is the holy grail of all face lotion for makeup artists and I was excited to get my hands on it at a discounted price. This normally runs for around $28 and I bought it for $22.


Alcone Professional Makeup Sponges are extremely popular, durable, latex-free sponges used by makeup artists all over and I bought this set of over 100 of them for $16.


I stopped by Nigel’s Beauty Emporium hoping to find some Sorme lip and eyeliners but instead picked up some essentials for my kit including a $3 lip buffing brush, $5 and $7 small and medium stainless steel mixing palette and a stainless steel spatula for $5.


I love how universal taupe eyebrow pencils are so I looked all over IMATS for one that really stuck out to me. Out of all the taupe brow pencils I saw this pencil from Makeup Designatory was by far my favorite. I paid about $8 after tax.


I went to the Lady Moss Beauty booth because I heard they had inexpensive Red Cherry lashes and those are my favorite not only for my clients but also for myself. Everything in the picture above was 12 for $20. 747s are my favorite lashes but I also picked up some 747xs because they are a little shorter for people who are not as comfortable with false lashes.


I fell in love with South Seas Tanning and when I get my airbrush certificate I am definitely going to look into using their products. I bought this scrub because the caffeine in coffee is supposed to help diminish cellulite…which would be nice haha. Also though because it smells delicious, is super moisturizing, is paraban free and is 100% narural. I bought this scrub for their wholesale price of $14.


I bought these face wipes because they smelled yummy and were cheap haha. They both smell amazing and I bought the two of them for $5 together. They aren’t the best at removing makeup but they sure smell yummy :)


These stilla shadows were my first and probably favorite buy of the day! I bought for Stila eyeshadows at their booth for $4 each!!!! These normally sell for $18 a piece and I got four shadows and the palette for $16. They weren’t selling Kitten at IMATS, which I was fine with because my sister already bought me one for my kit.

Have you ever attending IMATS? What is your favorite item that I picked up while I was there?

Hugs and kisses xoxo


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20 thoughts on “IMATS LA Haul of my Goodies

  1. Yay awesome haul Tori!! All your goodies look amazing! Unfortunately the Australian IMATS doesn’t compare to the amazing US IMATS :(

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