IMATS LA 2014!!!!

IMATS IMATS IMATS IMATS IMATS!!!! You guys, if you can’t tell, I am so excited to be putting this post up about my IMATS LA 2014 experience! I only went one day of the three but it was more than enough for me because it made that day so special. I bought my ticket for IMATS back in August aka pretty such as soon as they went on sale and I had been impatiently waiting for it to get here since.

For any of you who may not know what it is, IMATS is an International Makeup Artist Trade Show where beauty lovers and makeup artist come from all over to shop for makeup at discounted prices (20%-40% or more) and to learn more about the trade from other artists. As a young freelance artist, this was such an amazing experience for me.

The actual day of IMATS I woke up at 5 am to get ready then headed to the train station at 6 am. I rode the train from my college to Pasadena, where IMATS took place and one of my sorority sisters picked me up. We got to the convention center at 8 am for the 8:30 am opening and the line not only wrapped around the huge convection center itself but also back three or four city blocks. Needless to say I didn’t actually get into IMATS till around 9:30 am haha but it was well worth the wait!



Corey Bishop’s pro Zuca Backpack full of beautiful Stila goodies. Corey is the head of Stila’s pro team and I sat through quite a few of his amazing demonstrations.


I view of inside IMATS! It was packed with thousands of people and some of the lines were pretty crazy but I generally avoided those lines and didn’t actually have to wait very long for any of my products.


OCC Cosmetics was one of the places with the crazy lines but I went and played with their new lip tars. Just didn’t purchase any…which lets be real was much better for my wallet haha.


This was a picture I took while waiting for my $4 Stila eyeshadows…yes they were only $4 when they normally run for $18! It was amazing :) Sugarpill (in the background) had so many people that you had to wait in line at least an hour to even look at their stuff and then in another line to buy anything. It was crazy!


One more quick snapshot of the venue itself :)



This….uhhh…we are going to call him a tree man haha was amazing! I watched his makeup from start to finish. It was crazy the amount of detail it took to get him to look so authentic as a character!


Another planet/space woman getting airbrushed! Seriously sooooo cool!


Body painted dancer. People getting their bodies painted were everywhere. It was basically a huge art show! I loved it <3


Woman painted outside the Graftobian booth. Many of these companies were body painting to show the superiority of their airburshes. I personally think all of the artist though are amazing to be able to accomplish this with any airbrush.


Makeup is art using the body as the canvas. That is one of the things I love most about it! Makeup is such an amazing form of expression!


One last one :) Seriously so beautiful!!!

Youtube/Makeup Artists


Leesha also known as Xsparkage makes beauty videos on Youtube and is also a fantastic blogger!


Creeper picture of Nikki Philippi, a Youtube beauty vlogger. I was too scared to go up and talk to any of the famous people there haha. I was telling my boyfriend, who loooooves pro athletics, that seeing these Youtubers to me was like if he was walking around a room with tons of pro athletes. It was so exciting but definitely overwhelming also.


Marlena or Makeup Geek on Youtube was one of the first people I ever started watching on line and is one of the reasons I feel head over heels in love with makeup!


Emily Noel 83…also one of the first Youtubers I ever watched. She is absolutely adorable in person and I actually saw her because her husband is in a lot of her Youtube videos and he was so tall and really stuck out in a room full of women haha.


Pursebuzz or Elessa had her own booth at IMATS and seriously had on the cutest outfit! I have no idea how she stayed in those heels all day though haha.


Corey Bishop, the head of Stila’s pro team doing a demonstration on one of the Stila employees. He did demonstrations all day so I stopped by quite a few times to see what he was up to :)


Makeup by Tiffany D from Youtube!!! Love her! I also saw Makeup by Camilla later in the afternoon at the Sigma booth.

I will also be posting a haul featuring what I got at IMATS so stay tuned for that!!!

Hugs and kisses xoxo


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22 thoughts on “IMATS LA 2014!!!!

  1. OMG 4$ FOR STILA 0_o great job! I am so glad you had fun even though it sucks to wake up early in the morning :D And might I add, Marlena looked amazing, better than in her videos haha

  2. Wow! Seems like you had an awesome day!!! Sooooo cool. I don’t even have a great comment to givee here I just think IMATS is awesome and it’s so great you got to go there! wooot woot :D Xx

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