You Can be a Feminist and Like Makeup

Notorious Beauty Blog:

As a feminist women and a fellow makeup lover I think this is important for us all to think about :) Love her!

Originally posted on Broke for Beauty:

There’s some controversy about girls who love makeup, and this can come from stigmas about vanity and narcissism as much as the simple fact that feminism can be confusing.

The word “feminism” means the belief that women are people, and deserve equal opportunity to men. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s a pretty overwhelming definition, and people have taken it to mean a number of things. Some second- and third-wave feminists pointed to women happy to be stay-at-home mothers and homemakers as a detriment to feminism, even while promoting equal opportunity. Nowawdays, many feminists look at beauty bloggers and feel the same way, saying those women are trapped in the societal pressures to value their beauty above everything else, have dumbed down to become nothing more than an empty shell of femininity, and promote hyper-feminine behavior to young, impressionable girls. Whether we’re looking at beauty bloggers or housewives, the general idea is…

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