Must Visit Vendors IMATS LA 2014


Easier said then done! IMATS, the International Makeup Artist Trade Show, is next weekend and I am so excited that it is pretty much all I have been thinking about lately. I have been looking up product reviews, prices, what booths I want to make sure to check out and more! I thought I would share with you guys what shops I am going to make sure to check out and what I am interested in buying there :) It will be fun to see what my IMATS haul looks like after next weekend and if it matches up with what I think I am going to be getting. I have a shopping list with about 10 different items I am interested in and there are a couple booths I just want to stop by because I am interested in what they carry. I am also planning on attending a couple seminars while I am there to learn more about makeup artistry.


1. Temptu Pro 715

I learned how to airbrush during my makeup course with Kimberly Bosso but I don’t have my own gun and I want to practice on people. The first stop for me at IMATS with be Temptu to pick up an airbrush and some foundation.

2. Dante’s Disposable Products 713

Dante’s Disposables is right next to the Temptu vendor so I figure while I am in the area I should pick up some disposable essentials like lip brushes, sample containers and mascara wands.

3. Cinema Secrets 810

Also right near by in the same vendor block is Cinema Secrets, which is the maker of an AMAZING brush cleaner that I used and learned about during my course. It not only breaks through makeup grime easily but it makes your brushes smell amazing.

4. Nigel’s Beauty Emporium 319

I am interested in couple of black 4U palettes from Zpalette and I know Nigel’s carries them along with Sorme lip/eye/eyebrow pencils, which are amazing for my kit. I am also on the lookout for a good stainless steel spatula and mixing palette for my kit and I am going to start my IMATS search for them at Nigel’s.

5. Namie’s Beauty Center 128, 129, 229

Namie’s carries many different brands that you would see in Sephora such as Too Faced and Makeup Forever. If they are having the same 40% off everything sale that I heard they had last year than I am going to look into investing in a MUFE Flash Palette.

6. Alcone 529

Alcone carries some of the best makeup artist sponges out there and since a makeup artist can never be without their sponges, I am planning on stocking up while I am at IMATS. I am also going to continue my palette/spatula quest.

7. Beauty so Clean 307

Beauty So Clean carries makeup sanitizing products, which is extremely important for a working artist. I usually use 99% alcohol to clean my products so I won’t be buying any of their sprays but I do want some of their 200 count sanitizing wipes for on the go and to use on eyeliners and lipliners before sharpening.

8. Lady Moss Beauty 310

I am OBSESSED with Red Cherry lashes and I was excited to see that celebrity makeup artists use them as well. They are made out of 100% human hair, are good quality and not too overly expensive. Lady Moss has had a sale in the past where they sell 12 Red Cherry lashes for $20, which is an amazing deal. I am definitely jumping on that one!

9. Royal and Langnickel Brushes

Royal and Langnickel sponsors IMATS so I am excited to check out their brushes and brush quality. I am also looking for a good brush roll, brush belt or some way for me to easily take my brushes to jobs that I am hoping to find at IMATS.

10. Zuca, Inc., Makeup Geek, Bad Ass Stencils, Eve Pearl, Frends Beauty and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

I also want to stop by these vendors to look at the products but not necessarily buy anything…we will see though when I am actually there if I can resist haha. I would be interested in visiting Inglot, MAC Pro and Sigma as well but I have heard the lines are hours long and I want to be shopping and enjoying IMATS not waiting in line the whole time.

I am also planning on attending some classes and seminars in classroom B, which I am extremely excited for!!!!

Are any of you attending IMATS LA or have you attended an IMATS in the past?

Hugs and kisses xoxo


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12 thoughts on “Must Visit Vendors IMATS LA 2014

  1. Wow this sounds so exciting, I am really happy for you, you get to go and meet some amazing people, I bet a lot of well known youtubers shall be there. Are you allowed to take pictures? Do so! :D Or do a vlog hehe. I can’t wait to see how your experience was!

    • Yeah I can take all the pictures I want so I am planning on doing an experience/what I learned post and then also a haul of what I got while I was there :) I am definitely hoping to see some of the Youtubers I have been watching for years in person! I will make sure to snap pics if I do ;)

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